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Rest easy that OLGA
is managing your real estate brand online.

One brand. One system. The OLGA System


Make connecting with leads, potential new recruits, and customers as simple as sending as automated lead generation platform. Stay connected via text , monthly newsletters or custom IDX updates.  No matter the social media channel, you can have one easy-to-use system called OLGA.


Your Vendor Program Managers

The OLGA team offers a vendor management program to build and mature a vendor program for your brokerage that adds revenue to the bottom line. We follow a proven vendor management framework for the creation of a new program or take your existing one to the next level.

Social Media Marketing Training and Workshops

1x1 training and consultation

Social Recruiting via Social Media

Have you met OLGA yet?

Drive organic leads to grow your business.

Let our OLGA team provide:

1x1 training and consultation

Social Recruiting via Social Media

Social Media Marketing Training and Workshops

Social Media Marketing set up and execution to ensure all agents have an online presence



Sue & Bob Brusa Business Owner

“The entire team is working to showcase my business.”

Gregory Boulanger Local Guide

“ OLGA not only help me when I have a request, they also anticipate my needs and come to me with ideas and ways to promote my real estate business that add value and aren’t pushy about it.”

Amy Barnard Interior Designer

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Olga System is based in Exeter, NH, is a full-service Organic Lead Generator, working to help its clients realize profits through unique marketing opportunities.

New Hampshire: PO Box 586 Exeter, NH 03833

1253 Park Street, Clearwater, Florida 33756