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via text message on your mobile device.


Branded website with mini property sites that includes brochures, flyers and open house calendars ,seller presentations and digital marketing tools.


We make it easy to manage contacts and lead generation that our marketing generates. You can do so many things with your CRM in our system that will help you cultivate your prospects from initial contact through the entire sales process. All new and existing leads are in one place. All of your client information is accessible anywhere, 24/7.

Social Media Marketing

Content Creation to provide marketing campaigns to position you as a community expert with sellers and buyers. We manage content through creating branded graphics, videos and audio files and landing pages. We drive traffic to your property websites, and share new properties across your social platforms.

Social Seller Ninjas

Our social seller ninjas engage through starting conversations within the communities you target. We take opportunities to engage audiences are vast through online community groups. The engagement across these touch points are significant.

*Pricing is based on an individual real estate agent.

Ask about our special prices for teams and groups.



Sue & Bob Brusa Business Owner

“The entire team is working to showcase my business.”

Gregory Boulanger Local Guide

“ OLGA not only help me when I have a request, they also anticipate my needs and come to me with ideas and ways to promote my real estate business that add value and aren’t pushy about it.”

Amy Barnard Interior Designer

Awesome Website Designs

Want to see a live website with Basic IDX? Click Here.

Branded Websites

CMA Reports

Multiple IDX enabled search engines

Home search by community

Designation and Social Media Links

Lead Capture Pop Ups

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